jeudi 1 mars 2007

His butterfly flew away

A partir de l'expression " His butterfly flew away/Son papillon s'est envolé/Его бабочка летела прочь/Su mariposa se voló"
Caroline Bernard - France

His butterfly flew away

This project will officially begin on March 5th 2007
It's attached to a French blog, you could find the following text in its original language:

The Lili range le chat team is participating this year again in the Pocket Film Festival which will happen in Beaubourg Paris (8-9-10 June 2007). We are organizing a cinematographic exchange between Europe and Uzbekistan. The aim is to create a crossing play of images, realized from Russian, Uzbek, French, Spanish, idiomatic expressions. At regular intervals, the participating artists have to make a short movie, with an expression or a proverb as a starting point, and they have to send it to the blog especially created for this project.
This blog is a virtual meeting point, it allows a filmic correspondence. It becomes by extension an editing tool, since the images accumulation creates a hybrid movie from various authors.

His butterfly flew away
, the project title suggests a lot, but leaves us in doubt. This doubt is this exchange stake, to propose a maxim that half the artists won’t clearly understand. They'll try to comment freely their interrogations by the means of an intuitive cinematographic answer.
It's certain that the filmic vocabulary richness will come from their divergent points of view, and from their comparisons.

His butterfly flew away
, is in reality a Russian expression meaning to be disturbed in one's tranquillity. It wasn't possible to find a perfect French equivalence, in a sense, it means to describe a person stopped in his daydream by a third party coming "like a hair on the soup" (Comme un cheveu sur la soupe).
"Like a hair on soup", a French expression which will probably embarrass the Uzbek interlocutors.

The artists use mobile phones for the shooting. The choice of the camera isn't fortuitous, it always stays in the pocket because it's an accessory of daily communication. The sight taker is always in possession of it, before having the intention of taking any pictures. The project authors shoot the movie when they think the moment is fine, and convenient. The restitution processes are sufficiently formalized, the one of shooting needs to stay really free and spontaneous.
At the end, the sight takers become lepidopterists, they capture butterfly movies which they pin then in the blog in order to create a high colour collection.